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GHD Wellington

One thing that most people know about Wellington, whether they’ve been there or not, is that it rivals Chicago for most deserving the nickname, the “Windy City”. Nowhere in New Zealand is there a locality more adept at obliterating your futile attempts at hair stylization with but a singular gust of air, the infamous, the renowned, the inescapable Wellington Wind. For those poor residents of Wellington who are on a continual mission to straighten their hair, but have at all turns been usurped by nature’s breath, there is no other brand quite like GHD in Wellington to rely on for superior hair straightening technology.

The results given to you by one of these hair straighteners will have the seemingly insurmountable obstacle, the notorious Wellington Wind completely at a loss with what to do next. Need to show nature who’s the boss when it comes to styling your own hair? Look no further than to straighteners made by Good Hair Day for Wellington, and indeed, for all weathers, the hair styling results delivered by GHD truly do stand up.

GHD Platinum New Zealand

People these days often go on about “the gold standard” of this or “the diamond standard” of that, bandying these once prestigious words about to the effect that they no longer have any meaning imbued within. What can one say, then, when hoping to describe an incredibly high standard that someone or something has attained, through superior quality and fantastic reputation?

We cannot move downwards through the lexicon, for despite the ubiquity of gold or diamond standards, to dub something the “silver standard” is to imply that there is, at the very least one standard above it; it is through such lexical confusion that often people, when attempting to describe something truly incredible, completely miss the mark, and instead communicate the sense that a product is subpar, and not nearly the best in the field.

That is why, here, right now, in this very article, it has been decided to describe the aforementioned brand of hair straightener (and other products) as GHD Platinum New Zealand, or indeed other renowned brands such as Olaplex! We have done away with the concept of “standards” completely, as products under the brand name Good Hair Day in Wellington are so far above their competitors that to even use the word “standard” is insulting to the brand itself – the “standards” that their competitors aspire to are below the level of quality that they attained before they’d even hit the market, and as such will be mentioned here no longer.

This platinum status comes from a variety of factors, not in the least GHD’s marketing department’s decision to include it in the name of their most well known, effective hair straightening apparatus with the intention of empowering the straightener itself, letting its name elevate it far above the masses of inferior hair straighteners, before the results that the GHD Platinum New Zealand hair straightener achieves do the same again.

A report from a consumer indicates that “GHD straighteners are quality, they straighten the hair in two turns, and the quality of the straighten is completely superior, in all hairdressing applications”[link to hairdresser page]. Well, there you have it – a rave review straight from the ground floor. This is not the only one. All one must do to find out the full extent of ghd’s greatness is to search the internet, or one’s close circle of friends, to find someone whose life has significantly improved since they began to use GHD in Wellington.

History & general overview

Coming, as the saying goes, straight outta Leeds in the United Kingdom, Good Hair Day, oft-abbreviated to ghd, is a manufacturer of haircare products. They are the market leader in hair straightening irons, with their particular brand of iron being sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide. This can only be considered total market domination. Ghd leads in other areas too – they were the first hair tool sponsor of the now world famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; many hair tool companies followed suit, but could not take first place away from ghd.

The company itself was founded by Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, Susan Powls, and Robert Powls in the January of 2001, a most auspicious year for a multitude of reasons that we simply do not have time to discuss at present.

These hair straightening pioneers, these worldwide entrepreneurs, this legendary cartel of now household names clubbed together to buy the design for what was to become the GHD Platinum New Zealand hair straightener off of a South Korean inventor, and immediately went into business in the U.K. Word of mouth spread the news of their product’s incredible usefulness, and the rest, as we say, is history, with their products being used by Jean Jacques and beyond!

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