Olaplex NZ

Olaplex NZ

Our hair contains millions, if not hundreds of millions, of disulfide bonds. These bonds give the hair its lustre, its structure, its strength & stability. When disulfide bonds break, it results in hair damage. OLAPLEX shampoos in NZ restore all split-ended, damaged, ruined or otherwise compromised hair by repairing it (and its disulphide bonds) from the inside out with our single patented ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate. Once all the bonds are repaired and in total alignment, you will have illustrious, elegant, opulent, gorgeous, radiant hair.

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You, the reader, may be one of the many unfortunate people out there who are suffering, day in and day out, from broken disulphide bonds. There is only one solution that will help you escape from this curse, and that is to Shop Olaplex Hair Care Products!

Until Olaplex, there was not a patented single ingredient bis-amino diglycol dimaleate haircare product that could, smoothly and non invasively, repair these broken disulphide bonds to produce hair that shines with indescribable lustre, flows like crystal waters and looks so incredible that words can scarcely describe it with any amount of accuracy – yet now, thanks to the incredible chemical prowess of the one and only Craig Hawker, it is not only possible, but probable, that you, the broken disulphide bond sufferer, can buy these products and achieve a magnificence in your hair that you have not even dared to dream of up until this very moment.

Thanks to both Craig Hawker for his innovations and Jean Jacques for the stocking of products of the brand Olaplex in NZ, you may treat your hair with the care that it truly needs and deserves – split ends, broken bonds, dulled & fading colour, begone!

With these incredible haircare products, it is simply impossible to emerge from the salon, shower or bathroom without your hair possessing a radiant glow that it most certainly lacked going in. Now that Jean Jacques is in on this wave of future-proof, forward-thinking, chemically innovative haircare design, any and everyone may Shop Olaplex Hair Care Products or indeed other renowned products such as those made under the Pureology label with an ease unprecedented by any who have tried to acquire these magnificent products without the help of Jean Jacques in previous times.

A brief overview & history

One cannot mention the brand without first mentioning, crediting and paying homage to its founder, one Craig Hawker, an Australian chemist of now legendary renown, yet with inauspicious, humble beginnings that nevertheless led to an international career spanning industries and continents, and resulting in the man himself holding no less than 45 U.S. patents, one of which is of particular interest to us, as we are, presumably, people who are attempting to learn more about Olaplex in NZ, and how it effects things such as hair styling.

Craig Hawker grew up in Queensland, Australia, first acquiring a taste for chemistry as a discipline during his high school days, because, as he puts it, “…it really allowed me to develop things with my hands. Chemistry is a very hands-on science.”

The astute reader will note that hairdressing, style, colouring, or any other branch of haircare discipline is also very hands-on, and through the adherence to strict methodologies and techniques, as well as the necessary chemical knowledge required for procedures such as dying, may very well be considered a science in itself.

Hopefully, as the veil of ignorance is lifted from this world’s eyes in the coming years, hairdressing will see itself listed next to Chemistry, Physics and Biology as the fourth major scientific practice – until then, we must simply pray that behind-the-scenes wizards such as Craig Hawker and his business partner Eric Pressly continue to apply the spectrum of human scientific knowledge to the endeavours of caring for hair, and repairing split disulphide bonds.

It is this heroic, selfless research that people such as the aforementioned two undertake, every day and with little recognition, just so that unaware people in New Zealand may Shop Olaplex Hair Care Products or indeed products from the legendary brand Kerastase with total ease, lacking regard to exactly whence these products came, caring only about their split disulphide bonds and whether or not they will be able to repair them.

Fear not, selfish reader, for Olaplex in NZ, endorsed, stocked and sold by Jean Jacques, is the only brand of hair product with empirically researched and tested chemical patents that back it up, not just in salons or in gratuitous, exaggeratory advertisements, but within the most highly respected and revered peer-reviewed journals, not to mention the internationally recognized scientific laboratories within which the hard core chemical testing takes place – it is in laboratories such as these where one may imagine Craig Hawker and Eric Pressly for the haircare heroes that they really are – away from the spotlight, toiling thanklessly with hair after hair, just to find the absolute perfect way to repair your broken disulphide bonds with a patented single ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate.

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