Pureology Shampoo

Pureology Shampoo

One cannot say the words “Pureology Shampoo” and fail to bring up the name of the legendary Jim Markham. An immortal figure within the hair care realm, he walks like a giant on the land with all other haircare entrepreneurs completely engulfed in the magnanimous shadow of his towering accomplishments. Pureology may seem like the work of a lifetime, when one considers just how ingenious a brand it is, with their vegan friendly, carcinogen-free color treated haircare solutions, but is it?

No! It is but a fraction of the tremendous amount of work that Jim Markham has done since his inception in 1943. One conceived and born during the largest global conflict in history would have to be industrious, forward thinking, and tough to get ahead in those turbulent times, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Jim Markham was all of those things and more.

You might be wondering to yourself, “just what on earth has any of this to do with Pureology Shampoo?” Startled reader, do not fret, fight, nor fuss, for it shall all come together as do the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, similar to the marvelously constructed plot of a good detective story, ingeniously planned by the likes of Doyle or Chandler, and yet surpassing them with ease because, as the saying goes, fact is stranger than fiction.

On with the chronicles of Jim Markham: dropping out of high school at a young age to become a qualified barber by age 16, Jim Markham, ever a busy man, had by the time he was 22 three kids and two divorces under his belt. But he was only getting started…

In the early days, Markham charged but $1.50 per haircut, a figure that in todays age of gross misvaluation of goods and services coupled with massive hyperinflation, seems no more real than the phantom of a fairy tale – and yet this is how it was! However, you may be struggling to see how someone charging unimaginably small sums for haircuts blossomed and grew into the global Don of haircare that Jim Markham undoubtedly is today – do not fear, for all shall be explained.

Before Pureology Shampoo was even a wisp of a seed fallen from the concept tree ready to germinate in the fertile soil of Jim Markham’s mind, Jim Markham was traveling cross country to challenge the leading celebrity hair stylist of the time, Jay Sebring, so that he, a gambling man by nature, could make a bet on whose hair styling technique was superior. Jim lost the wager, but won an education, and a franchising opportunity – very soon, Markham was opening the first Sebring international franchise in Albuquerque, New Mexico, bringing the Sebring technique to a much larger audience of hair stylists so that soon, the technique had spread like wildfire through barbershops across the nation. However, tragedy was approaching…

The Swingin’ Sixties were a time of change, and not always for the better. With the deluge of mind-altering drugs and psychedelic music that swept up America and the rest of the world during this time, it was unavoidable that this chaotic communion of influences instigated the creation of a couple of crazies, and these particular crazies were those who made up The Manson Family.

In a horrific turn of events, Jay Sebring was added to their list of victims, letting Jim Markham step up to the plate and take over Sebring International, becoming President/CEO and truly starting his journey of global haircare enterprise domination. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s Markham perfected his styling technique while honing his business skills by constantly forming, buying, selling or otherwise running haircare companies – this all paved the way for what we experience today in the form of Pureology Color Care.

Inspired by a friend with ovarian cancer in 2001, Markham began development of the Pureology line with the goal in mind of developing sulfate-free/carcinogen-free formulations that would not aggravate the condition of one so afflicted. His goal was achieved above and beyond all expectations, for the products he developed were not only incredibly safe, but did a remarkable job with regard to one of the most difficult aspects of hair style and care, that of course being hair color preservation.

In a flash, Pureology Color Care was created, and it still stands today as an industry leader, along with other respected brands, representing the values of both long lasting personal and environmental health and supreme hair color retention.

Pureology Color Care

Customized colour care without compromise or catastrophe is the PURE POWER OF PUREOLOGY. We created our high performance, high intensity formulations while caring for our planet and animals with the beauty and integrity of mother nature firmly in mind. As the world leading, patent possessing pioneer of VEGAN COLOR CARE & ZEROSULFATE® formulations, we strive to make all women feel beautiful inside and out. Pureology Color Care is as pure as it gets – our products contain all the care with none of the scare!

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