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Wellington Hairdressers

Hairdressing is a challenging, mind bending occupation, and none have a harder time of it than Wellington Hairdressers. One must have an immaculate visual sense, and an even more immaculate rendering of this sense within the boundaries of one’s own mind – what this means is that any good hairdresser must have bestowed upon them by the almighty the gift of, not sight, but vision. A good hairdresser must visualize the outcome of any and every job and they must keep this visualization in the forefront of their mind, but not so far to the forefront as to obscure the physical reality of what their actual eyes are observing. 

No, indeed, a hairdresser must keep their mind’s eye in perfect harmony with their body’s eyes, to the end of giving every customer exactly what they asked for, and sometimes a little extra, or a little less, if what they asked for is far beyond the bounds of what any rational person can tell would look good on top of their head. Yes, as well as having the gift of vision, a hairdresser must be full to the brim of discretion, with a flexibility of thought informing the tough decisions that one who is a purveyor of style must make every minute of their working days. 

Hopefully a picture is beginning to be painted before the mind’s eyes of everyone who is reading this, that hairdressing is a taxing occupation, not merely on the fingers which hold the scissors and snip, snip, snip away all day, but upon the minds of all the brave people who undertake such an occupation, struggling as they do every single moment with one of the toughest questions to answer – will this haircut look good? 

It is, sadly, often unanswerable until the haircut itself has been given, and by then, if the answer is resoundingly in the negative, it is far too late, for as we know, hair does grow, but not immediately – if the result of a haircut is shock, horror, or despair, the hairdresser responsible will have to live with the burden of this knowledge for the rest of their careers, and beyond, as the shame encroaches upon their personal life as well. 

That is why, at Jean Jacques, we employ only the best Wellington Hairdressers, those who are used to the pressure and are able to conquer, rise above it, and even thrive upon the fear of stylistic ruination that undoubtedly hangs precariously over the heads of every hairdresser like an ephemeral guillotine, threatening to behead them of their career and not only that, but their source of pride, their goals, dreams and aspirations – one could infer from this list of attributes at risk that all Wellington Hairdressers, every single day, put the entire essence of their lives on the line, and for whom, you may ask? 

For you! For anyone with hair that is in desperate need of some TLC, to those whose hair is tenderly loved and cared for but who still need a change in direction, a change in style and/or fashion, and anyone else on the hair style & care spectrum – all are welcome at Jean Jacques Hair Salon, all are indeed urged to come through, for our fine staff of Wellington Hairdressers, despite the immense risks involved, are always ready to tackle new challenges, from utilizing the finest hair care products to simply taking on and conquering the newest extreme of hair neglect.

Hairdressers Wellington, New Zealand

As the heading suggests, this article is concerned with Hairdressers in Wellington, New Zealand – a city world-renowned for its chaotic weather conditions that make consistent hairstyle maintenance not only an uphill struggle, but for some unfortunates a total impossibility! That is, it was a total impossibility until the brave and resourceful team at Jean Jacques decided that enough was enough, and set up shop in order to rescue the city’s windswept population from an eternity of having your hairstyle turned into a birds nests, and a messily constructed one at that, akin more to the grimy den of a pukeko than to the lovingly crafted residence of a swallow. 

Such is the turmoil that grips, rips and shakes Wellington’s foundations day by day – a turmoil borne of wind, catastrophic to hairstyle maintenance, once a portent of stylistic doom for the unprepared – no more! Due to the diligence, skill, care, and precision under which Hairdressers in Wellington, New Zealand operate, the windswept, the bed-headed, the ‘just plain scruffy’ all have a chance to give their stylistic ruination a total upheaval, and that chance is in the plush, comfortable salon chairs that grace the immaculately swept floors of Jean Jacques hair salon. 

Wellingtonians, what are you waiting for? Are you really going to let the wind, the rain, the sleet and the hail, get one up on you again? Will you do nought but bow down to the now beatable scheming of Mother Nature, or will you take the first steps necessary to becoming truly, long lastingly fashionable, leaving the concerns of wind resistance in the distant past while looking gorgeous and carefree all the while? Then come on down to Jean Jacques to have your hair cared for, cut & styled by the absolute best Hairdressers in Wellington, New Zealand!!!

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